Hi! I'm Anugrah, a plumber who learns coding ☕


Now, I live in small town near Bandung called Cimahi. Home sweet home. My birthplace where you can explore every single spaces in town only in one day


I work for UPT Air Minum Kota Cimahi, a municipal waterworks provided by goverment of Cimahi established in 2015. I'm responsible for treating raw water to meet drinking water standards.


• Coding
I learn coding in my free time. Then, I apply my learning to help my workplace better by creating useful apps. I choose PHP as my main subject.

• Reading
I do read books. You can track my reading progress in my goodreads page. Though I love literature, now I prefer to read non-fiction books to improve my self in productivity and creativity.

• Podcasting
Hello, newbie programmer. You can listen to my podcast named Podcast dekadensiotak. I talk a lot about my learning progress in coding and share my thoughts about books I read.